Complete Transparency

Am I eligible?

We are all open to all. If you’re above 13+, welcome to the club.

Is there a minimum balance?

Well, well and well. We have no minimum balance requirement. But trust us, when you have your complete family onboard, you can’t not spend.

Okay, but there must be an account maintenance fee?

Account maintenance fees? Wait what’s that. We absolutely do not charge anything for it.

Octo Family Cards

We know Octo Family cards are a piece of art. And they are priceless. The initial 1,00,000 families get their Octo Family cards complementary to our membership. No issuance fees. And guess what that’s not it. We also give you a virtual Octo Family card, entirely free of cost.

Card Maintenance Charges?

Since you get those beautiful cards complimentary, must be thinking there are card maintenance charges for sure. Well, no naahaa. We charge nothing for it.

ATM Transactions

Cash. Cash. Cash. Octo Family Cards can be used across India with zero hassle. Withdrawals from any YesBank ATM are absolutely free. No extra charges. Infact withdrawal for any other ATM up to 5 transactions is absolutely free. Above that only Rs. 20/ transactions. For any non-financial transactions at these ATMs (like a Balance Enquiry), it’s only Rs.10/ transaction.

Octo Family Card Replacement

Did you lose your Octo Family Card? Uh, that’s a bummer. Send across a mail at and we’ll send across a new one for only Rs.149/

Fuel surcharge

Want to use an Octo Family card at Petrol pumps. Sure, why not. Go ahead. The petrol pumps have a surcharge of 1%-2.5% of the transaction.

SMS /Email updates/ Mobile Banking/ Internet Banking

Oh, come on. We ain't charging you for that. Get notified with all things money at your fingertips.


If the whole world was charging we’ll still give it free. Octo families ain’t being charged for UPI and IMPS.

Digital Account Statements

A free snapshot of the cash in your account! Whenever you want one.


Currently, we offer two membership plans, Octo Lite and Octo Premium. Octo Lite is priced at Rs. 99/ month for the complete family. But, but but. For our early birds, the membership is absolutely free for the first 3 months.

All charges and fees mentioned upfront. No surprises

Octo Family Cards with complete transperancy

Join the community and be a part of future of banking